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Magic Spot

Lexie's Journal

This journal is no longer active. Please see http://www.lyspeth.com/blog/.

This journal is public and my archives are available. (There are past entries that are private from before it was a public journal.) Common journal subjects include language oddities, cycling and public transit, computers and the internet, interesting or strange experiences, and cooking.

I have another journal, lyspeth, that used to be my primary journal, but which is now private and is also currently inactive.

I am no longer using this journal at all due to LiveJournal policies and behavior that I'm not comfortable with. If you want to communicate with me, try my website or email.

last updated 1 May 2010
42, adorkable, albuquerque, alternative input devices, alternative keyboards, american dialects, ancient greek, artificial intelligence, atheism, beethoven, biking, biology, board games, books, brahms requiem, british dialects, calton hill, cascading style sheets, cats, chicklit, circa notebook system, civil liberties, clarinet, classical music, cognitive science, coldplay, common sense, computers, constitutional law, cooking, copy editing, copyright issues, creative commons, css, dar williams, debian, desert grandeur, dialects, dictionaries, discourse analysis, don't be the bunny, douglas adams, eddie from ohio, edinburgh, electronic frontier foundation, ergonomics, explodingdog, fantasy, flute, free software, freedom of speech, geeks, gilbert and sullivan, godel's theorem, googling, grammar, green chile, hidden markov models, high-quality technical prose, holst, house md, i see dead punctuation, idiolects, idiosyncrasies, incubus, infinity, ipa, jones college, jurafsky and martin, language curiosities, language engineering, language technology, learning, light opera, linguistic overgeneralization, linguistics, linux, mark knopfler, mary chapin carpenter, meta-pedanticism, mountains, mozart, music, musical theater, musicals, mysql, natural language processing, neal stephenson, new mexico, non-rhotic dialects, o'reilly books, ogg vorbis, open source, orson scott card, oxymorons, perl, phonetics, photography, privacy, prosody, public transport, puns, python, rachmaninoff, reading, reading the dictionary, repetitive strain injury, resumptive pronouns, rice university, robert sean leonard, rose polenzani, roses, rsi, sarcasm, science fiction, scotland, scrabble, simon and garfunkel, singing, snark, sociolinguistics, speech and language processing, speech processing, speech recognition, spelling, suck it up!, technical writing, terry pratchett, texas, the jargon file, the west wing, tom stoppard, tomato nation, ui design, uncommon sense, university of edinburgh, unix, user interface design, vegetarian food, vegetarianism, voice dictation, walking, web design, web standards, weblogs, wind band, words