November 5th, 2007

magic in the kitchen, cooking

So what does a humanitarian eat?

Well, zetetyc has insisted that I address the nomenclatural issues involved in being vegetarian or otherwise selective about the way one eats animal products.

I'm most likely going to offend someone in the course of writing this entry, so consider yourself forewarned.

The ordinary definition of 'vegetarian' in common use in the US today is someone who doesn't eat products that are the result of animals being killed. I think some people who are less aware of how it's used would just think of it as not eating animal flesh, but for people who are vegetarians and those familiar with the issues, I think it's much more along the lines of the former.

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Ultimately, I'm certainly not going to go around being the vegetarian definition police. Not only is it annoying and unjustified, but also I seem to remember something about a beam in my own eye...