Lexie (polyhymnia) wrote,

End of an era

My first post in this journal was on Jan 1, 2001. The last post will be, unfortunately, January 2, 2008, instead of January 1, because today was a busy day and I was making cupcakes and tagine and packing and watching Season 4, Disc 2 of The West Wing.

Per results of my previous poll, you all are quite fond of me -- no one unambiguously plans to stop reading my journal, and most of you who responded want me to continue reading here. I've decided I'll do that, although probably not with as great a frequency. I will be moving my blog to one of the ties for first place, an independent hosted blog on my website. The new address is http://www.lyspeth.com/blog. There is an RSS feed, magic_spot. Add it to your friends list, and it'll be semi-seamless, except for having to enter your comment info on the new site. No, I don't know why you have to enter an email -- something to do with WordPress that I haven't quite figured out. You can enter whatever you want as long as it looks like an email; I don't care.

If there are problems with the blog, or you just want to keep in touch, use the contact info on my journal. And I'll see you all around, but you'll only see my content if you remember to add the feed!
Tags: livejournal meta, the end

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