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In short, tell them it's crap

It's too bad TINO's not around anymore because I know they'd publicize this, but in their absence, here's me telling you a little something you can do to reverse some of the madness around here.

Comment on the REAL ID Act and proposed regulations

Do a little reading up about the REAL ID Act and what the DHS is suggesting. Then go and write them a firm, expressive comment telling them what you think about it.

They basically want to make a national ID card that will be incredibly burdensome to prove you can have, and probably will become a passport to pretty much any right you want to exercise or service you want to get (it's already been proposed for Medicare and voting and would almost certainly be required for plane travel).

Its additional costs are not allocated by the act itself but would have to come out of our current budget. Because we can't think of any better way to spend $23 billion...
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