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But what to do? Where to go? 
20-Dec-2007 14:07
So, I'm somewhat breaking my rule about posting (though I have resisted all temptations brought on by the FISA bill mess and the exciting arrival of a new vegan cookbook!), but I finally decided that I need to know more about what my readers wish I would do before I decide. There are some basic pros and cons about moving, things like accounts, comments, and syndication.

Blurty doesn't seem to have syndication, and it would require people to have accounts to make comments unless I enable anonymous commenting. I might do that, but I eventually had to disable it for this journal, because I was getting spam comments and there's no real system for dealing with them on LJ-clones. It also doesn't have tags to organize my entries. Perish the thought! Tagging is the most useful LJ feature in many, many years.

Blogging services or self-hosted blogs have non-threaded comments (yuck) and either require (easy) registration, or allow anyone to comment. In both cases I may have to run some kind of spam comment plugin because true blogs tend to get flooded with spam comments sometimes. They also have syndication so that people who stay on LJ can read my posts on their friends page using syndication.

There's also the question of whether I might come back to read (if anyone even wants that) or how to keep in touch with anyone who might be interested if it can no longer happen through LiveJournal. So, without further ado, the poll.

Poll #1109323 Where should I/we go?

Will you still read my journal if I move it away from LiveJournal? (I won't be offended if you say no.)

It depends (see options below)

Would you like me to come back to read your journal once I am not posting here?


If not, how would you like to keep in touch?

Phone/In person
I'd rather not

Where should I go?

LJ-code clone (e.g. Blurty)
Other social blogging service (are there any?)
Independent blog
Other non-social blogging service (e.g. typepad, blogger)

Will you also change your journaling/blogging location?


Any other comments? Site suggestions, complaints, your plans, etc.

If you have more to say, please comment, and if you can't fill out the poll but you do read my journal and want to tell me your answers, please send me email with your answers. Please respond as I am very interested in any suggestions.
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21-Dec-2007 00:04 (UTC) - Re: It's an uphill battle
Really? There are nested comment extensions? That makes it ever so much more cool.
20-Dec-2007 22:23 (UTC)
Vox (owned by SixApart) has tags and is somewhat similar to LJ. I'm oddharmonic there too, although I don't post much there. A couple of my LJ friends maintain separate blogs there -- one for privacy, another to share music and video.

Vox tour: http://www.sixapart.com/vox/tour/
21-Dec-2007 00:03 (UTC)
Unfortunately, I'm not comfortable with anything owned by Six Apart, either. They were the ones who started the idiocy on LiveJournal; the Russian company is just continuing it.
21-Dec-2007 00:32 (UTC)
If all your posts are public, might as well go with either hosted WordPress or roll-your-own Wordpress. Hosted wordpress won't let us leave comments with OpenID, which is annoying since we all have OpenIDs by virtue of being here, so I'd say roll your own Wordpress and add extensions as needed.

Actually, Drupal is another option -- they've got tags, RSS and comment threads by default, and the imminent v6.0 has OpenID baked in.

Or, ha, set up your own LJ using more recent server code. :P
21-Dec-2007 01:57 (UTC)
Drupal sounds really good actually. I need to get a decent webhost if I'm going to roll my own though. My current webhost is annoyingly useless and restrictive, much more so than they used to be before the third merger they went through. Any suggestions on that?
21-Dec-2007 08:52 (UTC)
I've been working with Drupal for a while now. Let me know if you go with that and want a hand :)
21-Dec-2007 16:26 (UTC)
What's FB in your poll answers? Facebook?
21-Dec-2007 20:24 (UTC)
Yup. Didn't know how long the field was.
21-Dec-2007 21:09 (UTC)
I prefer email/IM/Skype to Facebook. Being dependent on Facebook is at least as risky as LiveJournal, if not more so.
21-Dec-2007 21:17 (UTC)
True -- LJ at least hasn't sold off our interests list. That we know of. Just policed it.
21-Dec-2007 09:08 (UTC)
Going independent (or at least completely portable and having no expectation that your contacts will be using the same system as you) is the only way to sustainably solve the problem. The alternative is that in a couple of years you're in the same situation again.
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