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Lexie's Journal
No woodchippers. I have enough to worry about with driving. 
01-Dec-2007 23:24
shiver, cold weather
Apparently we still can't bring water or oh-so-dangerous shampoo onto the plane, but people can bring lighters again.

Yes, let me repeat: lighters yes, 4 ounces of water, shampoo, or peanut butter, no.

If only there were a Wonko the Sane to build the world an asylum.

I'll be in Fargo for the next four days (for work). See that you don't miss me too much. Apparently I do often blog about every four days, so maybe I'll tell you about Fargo while I'm there -- if you're lucky and I don't get frostbite. No, really -- people actually do get frostbite up there. They have temperatures in the negative degrees Fahrenheit. Those aren't real temperatures...right?
04-Dec-2007 02:44 (UTC)
Actually, it's useful to know that argument, since I wasn't aware it was being used. It's a bit moot since the TSA can't recognize actual bomb components anyway...
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